Grawl!x, Westgarth SC – Nov 7th

Grawl!x (pronounced “Grawl-ix”) are a band from the Derbyshire hinterlands, formed as the solo project of one James Michael Machin, formally of the shoegaze-y folks My Psychoanalyst. Ethereal dream pop, twinklings form a halo around James’ angelic voice. Less shoegaze more stargaze.
On Valentine’s Day of 2015, Graw!x released their first album ‘Good Grief’ on Time Travel Opps, available digitally & on vinyl. They then played a bunch of churches.
This February will see the release of their second album ‘Aye’.

Support comes from hometeam Spookers Dressed Like Wolves and General Sherman.

Fiver in.

Tickets here

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