In the dank smelly winter of 2009, on the concrete cliffs of Thornabizzle, Rick and Matt hatched from a fossilised gull egg and immediately burst into songs of the sea and girls. It was nice. With an arsenal of knackered instruments and recording gear from space they hunkered down in attics and bedrooms, howled at the moon and started banging out records. These whispered shanties inadvertently woke the slumbering Dan whose Low Ee gave a deep rumble.

Meanwhile in 2012 The Sherman tree’s seedlings Horner and Clargan sheepishly poked their heads above ground. Finding themselves woefully overexposed to the elements they quickly retreated and sought reinforcements. Finding roots in Az and pigment in Liz they re-sprouted and whispered into the breeze about Noddy’s House. With this tale told it became clear to the sapling that in order to Get Down it must grow a Pauly and a Sandogg and so it did.

Tree and Wolf came upon each other in the heavy, ruby air of the Westgarth Social Club and knew, this would become their home.

In 2014 Matt’s howl gave way to an infinite sigh. He flew the nest and off into space with fellow aeronaut Dan, with a quick pitstop at the Sherman tree to collect the Sandogg. At this, Shermans Pauly, Az and Clargan descended the tree, donned fur, bared teeth and became Generally wolfy.

On the 18th October 2015 the Great Spooker descended and enveloped all in his path. The Earth, it’s creatures and the stars in the sky fell.