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A bit about Spooker Rekkids

What we're doing and stuff



Spooker Rekkids is a record label & concert promoter based in the attic of the legendary Westgarth Social Club in Middlesbrough. 


Like any self-respecting ghosts, we've all been enjoying music times at the Westgarth for as long as we can remember. Two of us used to live there and three have worked behind the bar. So when we found the attic above the famous concert room, which had previously housed a doctor's surgery during the 1800s, the club's women-only bar (sigh) in the 1940s and a meeting room for the British Legion in the 1970s, what were we supposed to do?


So we got rid of all the pigeon poo and carcasses (RIP) in the summer of 2015, and have been putting on gigs ever since.


We also release music songs from our music bands for your (music?) ears and do podcasts, videos and cinema nights.

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